Uggs i stavanger

TV 2 wants to capture all of this and more and will launch a helicopter journey departing from Oslo Airport May 18th. The helicopter will return on June 5th, having visited every Norwegian airport during the three week long flight. From Kristiansand’s Kjevik airport in the South to Valan airport in northernmost Honningsvåg – 50 airports will be visited.The project and TV show is called “Fly med oss” (Fly with us). Viewers can follow the journey in its entirety on TV 2’s website, Also, TV 2 will broadcast daily summaries from Mondays through Thursdays at 10.40 pm and on Sundays at 9.40 pm during the journey. This will be one of the most interesting and exciting projects we’ve ever undertaken. We’re not quite sure what lies ahead, but we do know that it should make some cracking television. There will be surreal images of a summer-clad Norway with a huge mobilization of people greeting the helicopter. These images will travel the world, says TV 2’s news and sports editor, Jan Ove Årsæther.

The helicopter will be equipped especially for the mission and loaded with advanced technology; a 360 degree camera will enable web users to view the camera angle of their choosing at all times.This might be the biggest project in the history of web television. We will transmit between five to six hours from the air every day for several weeks. To my knowledge nothing of this scale has been attempted published anywhere in the world. Also, the internet viewers can direct the camera by themselves. The user experience is going to be amazing, says Årsæther.The project has been a collaboration between Creuna, where Arne Hjeltnes is CEO, and Avinor, who operates 46 airports around the country.50 million passengers travel to and from Avinor’s airports yearly. Those immense figures prove that Norwegians are a travelling people. The topography and longitude of our country and expansive interaction with the rest of the world are two reasons for this. The healthy state of Norway’s economy and our highly developed aviation network are probably the main reasons.

In producing ”Fly med oss“ we want to emphasize the importance of the airports in terms of developing the country. We’re looking forward to this journey and welcome everyone to our airports through this collaboration with TV 2, says Dag Falk-Pedersen, CEO at Avinor.Arne Hjeltnes is a TV celebrity in Norway and will host ”Fly med oss“. He looks forward to exploring the country for several weeks from the helicopter and distribute good web- and TV pictures to the viewers.Our country is exceptionally beautiful, and it’s a great privilege to be able to show it to a broader public in this manner. The journey will begin at a time when the country is at its most beautiful; everything is blooming, yet the peaks will be covered by snow. It won’t be an experience exclusively for everyone in Norway; the whole world can watch it on It will be great publicity for the country. In addition to showing Norway from the air we will talk to local people and taste local food, Hjeltnes says enthusiastically.