Ugg earmuffs

In the auto industry, Tesla and Mercedes-Benz have pushed the envelope the furthest so far with their autonomous driving functions available for the man on the street.Every time Mercedes launches a new S- or E-Class the motor industry holds its breath.Mercedes until now has been considered the benchmark for all other car manufacturers. That is until now, when a small Californian company making battery driven cars decided to put Mercedes to the test.We love it when an underdog puts up a fight and just had to borrow Goliath, the new E-Class, and put it up against David, the Tesla Model S.We decided to push gadgets, quality and driving abilities aside for once. For this test it is the future that stands in focus.To achieve a vision of zero fatalities in traffic we have to remove all elements of human error and emotions. In order to solve traffic congestion and improve the cars functionalty, we must drive faster, more compact yet with increased reaction times. Way faster than an overworked, stressed out and fatigued driver would ever be able to. In other words, the car just has to drive its self.

A computer can drive more economically than you can. It can chuck you out of the car, park better and with less risk than you can. In order to save the auto world, both economically and environmentally, we have to hand it over to a computer.Subconsciencely it becomes a part of our every day. Smart lighting systems with over 80 lightbulbs illuminate your surroundings better than ever before. The more advanced systems have adaptive speed control so effective that manual input from the driver is all but eliminated. And now they have road sign recognition in addition to internal map systems which keep the driver constantly updated on your estimated time of arrival, traffic congestion, road blocks and speed cameras. They have already become everyday assistants we almost can’t do without.The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class has just landed, and right now exceeds its big brother on the technology front. The entire car is new, from top to toe. The driving dynamics are a masterful balance between inspiring comfort. The interior is an aesthetic orgy for the mind and soul which almost detaches the driver from the job at hand, getting from A to B.

The elongated dashboard houses two LCD screen and stretches over half the width of the leather swathed cockpit. The functions are navigated with two touch pads, one for each hand with perfect ergonomic design for the driver. Simple, yet genius. But enough of the aesthetic car porn, we are not here to drive, we are here to be chauffered.Eight radars and a stereo camera controls the main safety assistants like the Active Brake Assist, which brakes automatically to avoid a collision, Attention Warning, keeps the car in lane in the event of you nodding off, and sensors on the side which push you to the center of the car in the event of a blind side collision.